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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FAQ on Rachel's View of the Church of the SubGenius

Q: Is the Church of the SubGenius a real religion?

A: Google it. The question has been debated by performance art critics and theology students for 25 years. Feel free to make up your own mind on the matter, it's a free country.

Q: Is the Church of the SubGenius Rachel Bevilacqua's religion?

A: No. Rachel Bevilacqua views the Church of the SubGenius as an art movement dedicated to cherishing the uniqueness of each individual and promoting free expression by all people everywhere, as long as it harms no one.

Q: Well, what does the government say?

A: The government agrees that The SubGenius Foundation, Inc., the corporation which does business under the performance name of "The Church of the SubGenius", is a "fan club" roughly classified in the same category as the Star Trek fan club that does business as "Star Fleet", and with roughly the same level of geeky obscurity.

The SubGenius Foundation is a corporation that produces radio shows, an online magazine, books, etc, and arranges venues for free expression of performance art, hopefully of the highly comedic variety and loosely based around characters in a series of science fiction/humor books published by reputable publishing houses and sold in bookstores across the nation.


Anonymous Modemac said...

Just for the record, I do consider the Church of the SubGenius to be my religion. :)

6:59 PM

Blogger phloighd said...

Same here.

11:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Phloighd. I consider the Church of the SubGenius to Modemac's religion. To the exclusion of all other adherents. He can have it.

--dkr geddyn

2:12 PM

Anonymous Musette said...

Good luck, Rachel. Good luck.

4:10 PM

Anonymous Rev. High Mucketymuck II said...

I consider the CotS to be one of the few true groups on the planet. Unlike the 700 Club, Republicans and TBN which spout pure BS on a daily basis and have a proven track record of scamming grey-haired widows and orphans for every dollar their own.

6:48 AM

Blogger Antichris said...

It sounds like this Ex of yours is a really great person. Blatantly exploiting the legal system to snatch custody of your child. If he's such a good guy who believes in justice and truth, why didn't he contact you and arrange a formal trial?

Opinions expressed in this comment are only those of the poster and NOT NESSISARILY those of Rachel Bevilacqua, her family, her council, or anyone for that matter.

Good luck to you in your struggle.

10:49 PM

Blogger Modemac said...

Since the news of Reverend Magdalen's legal proceedings broke, people have been asking Magdalen to post the actual transcripts of the court proceedings, so that they can read Judge Punch's words for themselves and verify that she was speaking the truth. The transcripts of the case were to become available by March 6th. However, for the entire week since March 3rd, Magdalen has been absent from the Internet, and she has not been able to make the transcripts available.

The reason for Magdalen's absence (and the lack of the transcripts) became clear as of Thursday, March 9. On that day, I learned that the judge had ordered Magdalen to cease all communication on the Internet regarding her son. This was not a written statement – the judge had verbally ordered her to remain offline, and no written order was available. Magdalen stated that even though the order was verbal, the court considered it to be an official order from the judge, and so she has had to remain offline since then.

However, as of March 15th, Magdalen had obtained legal reputation from none other than the law firm of Lipsitz Green Fahringer Roll Salisbury & Cambria, LLP. (This firm includes Larry Flynt and Marilyn Manson among their clients.) Magdalen's legal team is challenging this order. When the order is overturned and she is online again, she will have quite a story to tell.

IMPORTANT: Because Magdalen has a new legal team, donations to her legal fund are to be sent to a new address. Paypal donations can still be sent to magdalen@subgenius.com. Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:

Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

6:25 PM

Blogger Ankara said...

magdalen has been unable to update this blog, you may read why here:

6:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wishes Rachel, I had a very similar order applied to me and my kids based on a false claim and a perjured affidavit from their mother. It has taken me three years and $20,000 to regain the custody I once had.

On the other hand, if you would remove the reference to Star Trek as being a fan club, I would appreciate it, because I would prefer to live in denial about that....

Live long and prosper,

Really, best wishes,

9:46 AM

Blogger Loaf32 said...

I had some issues in replying to your blog. If I am double-posting, I apologize.

I've a heavy heart hearing of your situation at the moment, and immediately made it a point to Google your name to let you know hoe I feel. This is irredeemable and a grotesque representation of our rights as Yeti personages.

I hope your son is delivered to a home that espouses the merits of alternative and free speech as you have exhibited. The best luck and wishes to each of you. Ma'am, you are a hero to all independant thinkers of this world. Everything I can offer goes out to you. A response requesting a means to get in contact with me will result in a response.

I'm terribly sorry that you have had to shoulder this burden, and my wishes to "Bob" go out to you; I doubt it eases your suffering, but it is a gesture from one who is heartbroken at the thought that the slaack that comes from your own loins is taken from you by a sanctimonious church-state.

May your retribution glands be blessed.

-Rev. Personalpope-rage Acryphonapocalypsii XVIII
AKA Brian Grays

5:56 AM

Blogger Ethereal_Chimp said...

I just got finished reading the transcript from 2/3/06, and I was really amazed by how well you handled yourself. Under that barrage of questioning with an obviously biased and unsympathetic judge, you demonstrated that you are a capable person and a caring mother. Not even your husband's attorney was as zealous about crucifying you for being affiliated with a satirical organization. Would a judge act similarly if he were dealing with Trey Parker or Matt Stone?

Based solely on the contents of that court document, I say this is one example of everything a judge shouldn't be and the way the system shouldn't work.

Good Luck.

1:43 PM

Blogger Sidney said...

Science and math are religions...

Mine is laughter. Good luck to you...

2:18 AM

Anonymous Grunchtherunch said...

im with modemac!

8:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo! ;)
wow... what brainsick newz!
what do U suppose about it?

9:56 AM

Anonymous Capt. Zeston Norelco said...

I'm going to see if I can't get the ACLU in on this; they love the smell of redneck blood in the morning.

1:08 AM


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