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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Documents Update

The documents I just uploaded, with filenames that say 010906 in them, are all the documents that I received from the Orleans County Family Court on January 9, 2006. I have the envelope showing the postmark that confirms this delivery date. As you can see from the documents, many of them were not even officially entered into the record until January 4, 2006, while my son was taken from my custody on December 23, 2005.

Let me repeat that again. I had custody of my son and sent him to my ex for Christmas Break. My ex filed petitions with Orleans County Family Court on December 22, 2005. On December 23, 2005 he was granted sole temporary custody, meaning that I no longer had any custody rights. I was informed of this officially over a week later. I actually found out about it when my ex told my mother she would not be seeing Kohl for his New Year's visit. December 31, 2005, over one week from the court's actions, was the first I heard that they had occurred, and I heard it from my ex, not the court.

As the basis of the allegations is that my ex claims he cannot get in touch with me, and therefore I must be a kidnapping risk, one would think that the court might attempt to contact me, say by getting in touch with my mother, who is in the telephone book and is named in court documents, or by asking a deputy in my area of Georgia to stop by and check on my whereabouts, or send me a telegram, or I don't know, any number of things besides instantly take the allegations at face value, remove the child from my custody, and not inform me of it until I call them to ask if it's true.

Is that too much to ask? Am I crazy for thinking that might have been better for my son than this horrible situation? I don't know, obviously I think I'm right. Feel free to form your own opinions on it, just please be kind because I'm suffering a lot.


Anonymous Ross said...

Thats insane. I hope Kohl is returned to you quickly and without incident. I can't imagine anyone seriously considering taking away a child from a healthy situation because his mother will occasionally wear provocative costumes at an event in which the child is not involved. I looked at those pictures and I don't know why the judge became so overcome, I've seen worse at Halloween parties. Seriously good luck, I'm sorry society has let you down.

8:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So almost word for word this exact same thing happened to me in Oakland, CA just before Thanksgiving 2002. In this case, I was the non-custodial parent, and the custodial parent claimed I had not visited in three months and got the Temporary Order to keep me from seeing the kids on my next regularly scheduled visitation.

Again, if the courts had picked up the phone and called me, I could have presented my side (and evidence receipts, bills, photos, etc.) that would have proven the allegations false.

One would think that having been punked by false allegations, the courts would come down hard with perjury or other penalties. Not in my case, perhaps in yours.

Best wishes

10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't feel one bit of remorse for you. If you were a good parent you wouldn't be doing things that could jepordise your custody of your son. I personally met you years ago and i also knew Jeff. Back then he had lots of problems, but now he has made a complete turn around with his life. i didn't like him then and i actually took your side. But now years later he has a great girlfriend who helped him through his problems (some of which i am sure were caused by you and you religion, and your mental problems). I have now rethought my feelings about jeff and realized that he isn't such a bad guy after all. All he cares about is his son. What is wrong with that? Someday Kohl will be old enough to see the terrible pictures of you and your church. (Don't try to deny that this is a religion because those of us with a brain know the truth). He will also know about you having Jeff followed wherever they go. this is a cult, don't deny it because these are the kinds of things that cults do. Oh yeah do you think that it is right that people in this cult are to make their children like members of the same sex? Well i hope not because many childern of the subgenius are incourged to do so. i know you prabably won't post this on your blog because it is negative but just remember i met you when you just had Kohl and you were nothing like the way you are now ....SCARY!!!!

11:52 AM


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