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Friday, March 17, 2006

Press Release

Prestigious Firm To Take Comic's Legal Case

Performance artist Rachel Bevilacqua (of the Church of the SubGenius) is being represented by the law firm of Lipsitz, Green, Fahringer, Roll, Salisbury & Cambria LLP.
[ClickPress, Thu Mar 16 2006]

The prestigious law firm of Lipsitz, Green, Fahringer, Roll, Salisbury & Cambria LLP has agreed to take the case of controversial comic Rachel Bevilacqua. Lipsitz, Green, Fahringer, Roll, Salisbury & Cambria LLP specializes in First Amendment cases and has defended such high-profile clients as publisher Larry Flynt, and performer Marilyn Manson.

Bevilacqua, who performs under the name “Rev. Magdalen,” was stripped of the custody of her 10-year-old son because of pictures found on the Internet of her performances with the satirical comedy group The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. The images were from a members-only yearly SubGenius convention in upstate New York.

Rachel Bevilacqua’s blog details the full story and is online at http://rbevilacqua.blogspot.com/ .

The SubGenius Foundation Inc. (www.subgenius.com) is a satirical comedy group responsible for many publications including The Book of The SubGenius, Revelation X, Arise – The SubGenius Movie, and the Hour of Slack radio show.

Lipsitz, Green, Fahringer, Roll, Salisbury & Cambria LLP (www.lipsitzgreen.com) is the fifth largest law firm in the City of Buffalo. They are a diversified law firm with a wide client base that ranges from individuals to large corporations.


Blogger Loaf32 said...

Within the ast few minutes I have learned of your plight, sister. "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" means a great deal, but is rendered pointless when the state apparatus takes your son away. I'm weeping for your situation right now, and hope things work out well for you.

With hopes of retribution and rights,
Rev. Personalpope-rage Acryphonapocalypsii XVIII

5:43 AM

Blogger defenestrati said...

Good luck wishes from Atlanta, Rachel. I hope that after all this you manage to retain your sense of humor.

At least this thing won't deprive you of your sense of the absurd. This is yet another example of the vast worldwide conspiracy to rob right-thinking subgenii of precious slack.

10:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So parents aren't allowed to have a sense of humor anymore? Or is it just that the parent's sense of humor has to be something the judge approves of?

I'm confused...

12:02 PM

Blogger Txfeminist said...

You go, girl! :-) Rooting for you. Keep us posted on how everything turns out.

1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an outrage. Sending you love ,light and my prayers. Some $ for your defense fund when I can. I will also pray to my favorite living saint Her Holiness Amma to look over you, your child and this case. This kind of Bush-shit is happening more and more these days with little or no attention from the media. Parents rights groups should all be up in arms.

7:11 AM

Anonymous tom said...

This is a really sad case. I believe that it is wrong what people have done to you and your son. I also feel that what the court system is doing to your family is likely more damaging than anything that you would have been likely to have done. I'm really sorry that you're going through this and hope that things turn out well for your family.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those asswipes taking away your kid is bullshit of the highest order. You haven't done anything wrong, not one thing, that would require that kind of "nuclear option" being brought to play. I hope your lawyers kick so much ass that the perverted perps that did this to you can never ever sit down again. (And I'm a pervert myself, but these guys cross the line!)

Seriously, I'm on your side. Wear the goathead and know that there are folks out here that believe in you. Even if that jackass of a judge does not.

PRH, Waterloo, IA, USA (or something like that)

2:30 PM

Blogger anonymous said...

The true nature of SubGenius... will be decided in district court.

5:39 PM

Anonymous Rev. Screamin' Kenny Atkins said...

Fucking McCarthyism all over again ...

I can't believe any judge -he who is tasked with the responsibility of upholding the law as well as protecting the civil rights of innocent citizens- would do such a thing. It infuriates me to no end.

This is a blatant violation of not only your, but your child's civil rights, and it is disgraceful.

A judge cannot, under any circumstances grant a woman's ex-husband carte blanche to kidnap her child because he [said judge] disagrees with her chosen medium of self-expression and / or her religion or group of friends.

I want your child returned to your care, and I want that evil judge disbarred. I will donate to your legal fund.

You take care and stay strong!

6:28 PM

Blogger Rev. Mykeru said...


I've put a plug in for you on my site and will keep plugging away. I've myself had my job and person threatened because of my online, if not SubG activities, the most recently my website being referenced in court. It's not pretty and it's always a cheap shot from people who've got nothing.

But this is your child, which makes my experience pale in comparison. This entire episode, especially on the part of the judge is tantamount to judicial kidnapping. Simply unforgiveable pinkness.

I hope I can get some money headed your way. Let me know if there's any developments that you need brought to the attention of my readership, what it is.

6:20 PM

Blogger Aunty Horrible said...

My most heartfelt support to you. Wishes of reparations and revenge most sweet is clearly in order. I'd express my fervent hope that your case explodes in the judge's face like a clogged, well-fermented septic reservoir. Only with his sense of humour, he'd probably take that as a threat. So I won't.

Been spreading your story among aquaintances here in Norway. Most agree that if this had happened here, your ex would currently be spending time in a small, isolated, featureless room, awaiting trial for kidnapping. Who the hell played with your legal system and broke it?

The Anti-merkin people are taking it as confirmation of their very worst fears, while the merkin-friendly... well, most of them seems to have given up, and are now hedging their hopes on China.

3:41 AM

Blogger ClintJCL said...

I hope that after you get your child back, you also sue them for moneytary damages. They should pay -- enough that it wont be "economically feasible" for them to pull any other stunt like this EVER AGAIN!

12:35 PM

Blogger Laura Tobin said...

I hope you get your child back. That things like this can happen in America is outrageous. I think it is the fundies who are mentally ill. My thoughts are with you.

8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a fellow Buffalonian, my heart is breaking for you. It makes me wonder if I, as an Atheist mom, am at risk of losing custody of my child.

I have donated what I can to your cause via PayPal and I can only hope that you win this fight.

That judge should be removed from the bench as he's clearly gone senile.

2:17 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Learned only recently about this case. I can't imagine the pain and fear that must come from directly experiencing such bigotry. Love and luck from Brooklyn, NY.

...Not that this is any consolation, but I have to wonder: if it was proven that, instead of the Church of the Subgenius, you belonged to an ancient death cult, one whose sacraments include cannibalism and death by stoning for those who disagree with you, whose followers have beliefs that fly right in the face of what our society agrees to call objective science and who preach psychosis-inducing sublimation of the ego... somehow, you'd be a fitter mother?

5:09 PM

Anonymous grunch said...

oops comented wrong bit im makin a flash to go on newgrounds outlining you case to up awarness of it thought i should get a comment or some input from you i also emaild stang about it if you email me your email i can send you the file

im, markffitch@hotmail.com

6:27 AM

Anonymous Col Quisp said...

This is outrageous, but all too common. Good luck!

1:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea..sorry but the petition says nothing about your involvment in the "church." it says you violated a court order to not have him call jesus daddy. how is this a 1st ammendment issue?

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:07 AM

Blogger Bob Chow said...

Very nice pictures indeed and a lot of bad luck, you have this guy that is making millions with the Mary Madgdelaine fiction and you lost your son...

This judge needs more cowbell but when you play with fire you may get burned. Using crucifixes, svastikas, religion icons for fun shocks other people, this is a fact. Think of wht would have happened if you wore Islamic costumes?

Very unfortunately, there was a risk posting those pics on the net. I could have made the same mistake, I feel empathy for you. Or maybe it was not a mistake at all.

8:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly feel sorry for your loss in a real way.

However, todies of Stang on the alt.slack group have no problem whatsoever saying extremely inhhumane and cruel things about OTHER people's children, even small babies.

They only value YOUR child since you're some "high ranking" type member of the church.

They show very little true empathy or common regard, and as a matter of fact, cruel, UNJOKING HATRED in fact towards other members children.

Some of those jokes simply are not funny at all, and I wonder in fact what the court would find given copies of these so called "jokes" about innocent toddlers and kids.

These same jokes would never be aimed at you. Not for long, for Stang and his todies would tear them all a new one, and quickly. Rightly so too. But support for other paying members does not exist, and as a matter of fact, jibes, sick macabre "jokes", and bizarre decapitation and rape themes have been aimed AT innocent children on your associates sites.

Do you, as a mother, feel this is "okay"? Cause see, there's a difference between the Church and reality. One's child is for real, and the other only an artistic endeavor.

Do you support extreme death jokes against innocent kids, Mag?

Do you?

4:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why didn't you tell the father of the move?

Your focus is on your performance artist but what about the father in this custody?

Like all stories there are 3 sides her side, his side, and the truth.

Some how I got a strong feeling this is a her side only story.

11:31 AM

Blogger P. Curtin said...

I'll try to drum up some contributions here in Buffalo. Perhaps the Beast could be coerced, er, I mean persuaded, to publish a call for cash.
All the best.
Paul Curtin

11:45 AM

Blogger P. Curtin said...

I'll try to get you some support in Buffalo. The Beast article has had a certain positive effect. Can anyone say-fund raising musical event?

7:36 PM

Blogger Dr Kuha said...

There is a saying that the crows have. It goes something like this: "Caw, Caw, Caw." Loosely translated, it means, "Pinks will be pinks. Dupes of the conspiracy be damned!"

I'm rooting for you Magdalen.

9:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:19 AM

Anonymous Susan said...

I am the mother of five children, now aged 17-31 years. You have no idea how messed up you might be, and how much your son could be embarrassed if he ever sees your antics, in the name of humor, when he is a teenager and adult. You sound like a reasonably intelligent, possibly educated, woman. Still, intelligence is not a dictator of common sense. There is nothing funny in anything I have seen or read regarding your SubGenius group. While I might not agree with Judge Punch's handling of the situation, I am certain that there's more to this story than has been published. I also feel that if you have such a warped sense of humor then you have possibly damaged your son. Still, as all mothers are imperfect, I hope your love for him will heal all wounds. After all, what your group fails to fully consider, Love is, and always has been, God's idea, and Jesus Christ is the personification of that love. To degrade Him for being someone who loves you is sad. How has Jesus ever hurt you? Christians will hurt you, they even hurt each other. Christians are very far from perfect and always capable of sinful thoughts and actions. Not one of us can rightly represent Jesus, though some might poorly attempt to do so. I'm sorry that you were emotionally hurt in this battle for custody. Jesus understands being unfairly represented in court. He went so far as to die for his 'crimes'. If Judge Punch considers Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour, then his reaction to your attempts at humor that degraded the person of his devotion was understandable, although possibly not professionally appropriate. I would not have wanted to be in his position. Some people love Jesus with such a passion that it's like emotional abuse to hear or see Him being persecuted again. The Passion of Christ movie should be accepted as a work of art and an exercise of free speech, if nothing else. Consider this: to ridicule other's expressions of belief makes you a hypocrite. Still, there is the point that you were denied access to your son because of your beliefs (or your choice of 'entertainment'). That process started long before you went to court. No one ever wins when two people who have brought a child into the world end their relationship and fight over the child. God intended that we love, honor, and cherish each other, and that's a perfect foundation to raise a family. I'm sorry that I failed to meet those standards and my children have suffered because of my divorce. They continue every day of their lives to deal with a split family, even as adults. I'm so sorry for all of us, including you and your family. This might not mean anything to you at all, but I'll be praying for you, your son, and his father(s). I know that God answers prayers and He loves us all.

7:54 AM

Anonymous Damian said...

Hi Rachel,


I thought you might want to see this, if you haven't already, maybe with this in your arsenal you can find something interesting out about Judge PUNCH...

Praise Bob

-St. Damien the Enraged

8:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear the phrase, "Orleans County" I imagine that I simultaneously hear the opening chords of the theme from the movie, Deliverance". You know, "Squeal like a pig".

Whenever public prosecutors try to become judges, justice takes a hit in the groin. Judge Punch is an arrogant asswipe who was elevated, from public prosecutor to sitting judge, by the slackjawed voters of Orleans County.

Jimmy Punch is a local boy who went out, got himself educated and came home to rule the citizens of his backward birthplace and to legitimize the institutional bigotry that is so characteristic of that small-minded, backwater community.

When you win back custody of your son, you should sue the ass off the taxpayers of Orleans County who enabled and financed this miscarriage of justice.

Orleans County officials conspired to deprive you, Steve and Kohl of your civil rights under color of law. Take the Orleans County bastards to Federal Court and sue them under US Code 1983.

Some hungry law firm may take that case on a contingency basis. Sue the rubes for millions! Drain their County Treasury, so that the voters will be forced to remove Judge Punch and his band of state-sponsored assholes.

9:35 AM

Blogger Michael Bogue said...

Keep up the good fight Rachel. The truly depraved child abusers in this case are the Lords of Control who seek to dominate every aspect of our lives.

A person can hold the most assinine, backwards opinions of the world dating from somewhere in the last millenium, so long as it's a majority opinion. We learned that at Waco, I suppose.

The Church of the Subgenius may well be a "joke". But it's a serious joke, in the way of a Sufi teaching story that wakes us up to some basic realities. That judge needs some waking up to serious reality.

To take a mother away from her child on the basis of her artistic expression - one in which no laws were broken - is a serious breach of the bill of rights.

Perhaps they should have branded you a terrorist as well so at least it would have been legal in the new Bush Reich. I hope you get to see your child soon.

6:27 PM

Blogger Martha said...

It has come to my attention that the liberal left have distorted the English language by making up non-sensical phrases to describe things and activities that have been easily defined for hundreds of years. The true meanings of these propagandish phrases are as follows:
Embrace diversity-love a nigger, spic, wap, chink, or sand nigger
Empower women-have politicians looking for votes allow the courts to become communistic tools to give women money from fathers getting screwed by the system so they won't tax the welfare wystem and get handouts with less shame
gay rights-allow fags and dykes to sodomise and copulate without getting castrated or de-cunt lipped
domestic violence-what happens when a husband catches his bitch sucking his neighbors dick
wetland-a worthless swamp that should be used for a garbage dump but liberals want it for "wildlife"
undocumented alien-a spic in the USA illegally
politically correct-what the unhappy commentors to this post will attempt to define so readers will think they are "in the know" and "cool".

9:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy new year !-!

6:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the opinion of some random guy you don't know and anybody with half a lick of common sense means anything to you, then you'll be glad to know the previously described people are rooting for you guys.

10:43 PM

Blogger P. Curtin said...

Read the good news today on BoingBoing.(1/12/07)

6:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to thank commenter "Susan" for motivating me to send in the money that is now on its way to you, Mrs. Bevilacqua. These christians need to understand that even SubGenii are worthy of respect and fair treatment from everyone.

In reading her comment, I find myself feeling sorry for "Susan." She must deal with carrying her god's hatred and intolerance every day.

Good luck to you, Mrs. Bevilacqua. I hope you get your son back soon.

Patrick Craig
American Atheist
SubGenius WannaBe

7:26 PM

Anonymous duckmonster said...

"Prestigious comedy group"

Yeeees keep them in the dark. X-Day is comeing.

Seriously however, Good luck Rachel. Good guys always win in the end, Bob willing.

Also. I just recieved a sacred word from the Captcha. "zynpaxnq". Make of that what you will.

8:27 AM

Anonymous rich said...

Sorry to hear about your latest setbacks.
Hopefully you will prevail in your efforts.
No doubt your son must realize how fortunate he is to have such a strong (and slack-abundant) mother.

4:56 PM

Blogger Mjaybee said...

Good luck to you, Rachel! Many of us, fathers and mothers both, have been through the same.

Family court is a place where due process and other constitutional guarantees do not apply. I hope for the best for you and your son!

12:35 PM

Blogger Xavier said...

Can no more be done now?
I'm sending what I can to help...

3:36 PM


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